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Employee Scheduling Software

ScheduleForge helps staff your business while saving you time.

Scheduling a business is all about communication. Managers need to know who is working and when, and staff need to say when they can or can’t work.

ScheduleForge bridges this gap and many more trouble areas with a toolbox of benefits that optimizes your business and saves you time.

Our employee scheduling software will get your business running in tip-top condition with fast staff scheduling, easy messaging, and advanced labor management features found no where else.

Helping you and your business.

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Prevent schedule conflicts instantly with AutoReview.

Help your managers eliminate the risk of accidentally double-scheduling workers to ensure perfect multisite staffing.


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Help everyone communicate clearly with EasyMessage.

Send routine messages or important alerts to any staff member or group of workers for easy and efficient communication.


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Save your valuable time easily with AutoScheduler™.

Integrate work requests and availability to update changes with a click and create your ideal schedule.


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Manage your labor costs with flexible reports.

Informative, flexible, and usable report views to summarize labor costs or instantly drill down into the details.


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Manage your scheduling with complete control.

ScheduleForge’s features can be customized so you can schedule your staff in ways that are comfortable to you.


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Improve your bottom line with efficient operations.

Use all of ScheduleForge’s powerful features all integrated seamlessly together for effective staffing and smart scheduling.


Go Mobile

While web-based anytime and anywhere connectivity means you can use any of our applications flexibly on the go with a laptop or even tablet, sometimes you need even more convenience and flexibility. Our employee scheduling software includes a set of purpose-built mobile apps for your staff’s convenience (TimeForge Mobile for employees), and your productivity (TimeForge Mobile for managers).  We even pair our TimeForge Mobile Timeclock with our award winning employee scheduling software – for more bang for your buck.

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Affordable Care Act

Does your employee scheduling software manage overtime and ACA hours?  Managing employee hours is a critical component for complying with the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. Exceeding hourly thresholds for different staffing categories can now result in costly paperwork and heavy penalties. You now depend on the accuracy of your staff scheduling and attendance monitoring to comply with the new legislation and adjust your staffing accordingly. Hopefully you can do this in real time – not at the end of the week or pay period. Even if you are a small employer, maintaining perfectly accurate attendance records for your employees will protect you from potential penalties down the road.

We also wrote the top handbook on the Affordable Care Act and employers.  Make sure to get a copy!



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It’s a great solution to the frustrations that can stem from creating, editing and maintaining your weekly schedules.


TimeForge takes the headache out of scheduling your staff.


Labor management has never been easier!

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You have access to features that allow for unparalleled flexibility.


TimeForge Scheduling has more options than others.

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Our complete help desk makes it easy to find solutions to your questions. Need help scheduling? Want to set up integration to your Point of Sale (PoS) system? Want to turn on employee self-service? We’ve got you.


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